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2015 Resolutions

Res. 01-2015 Designating Posting Places

Res. 02-2015 Amending Certain Rate and Fee Schedules (Recycle Fees)

Res. 03-2015 Certifying Accounts to the County Treasurer

Res. 04-2015 Agreement for Conveyance of Property to Greenhorn Valley Senior Living

Res. 05-2015 Supplemental Budget and Resolution

Res. 06-2015 Summarizing Expand Revfor Each Fund and Adopting the 2016 Budget

Res. 07-2015 Appropriating Sums of Money to the Various Funds for 2016 Budget

Res. 08-2015 Amending Certain Rates and Fees (Water Base Fees)

Res. 09-2015 Levying General Property Taxes for the Year 2016

Res. 10-2015 Prohibit Hunting and Discharge of Firearms on District-Owned Land