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2013 Resolutions

Resolution 1-2013 Designated Posting Places for Metro Board Notices

Resolution 2-2013 Supplemental Budget and Appropriation

Resolution 3-2013 Resolution Amending Certain Rate and Fee Schedules

Resolution 4-2013 Commending Mary K Sanford as a Member of the Board of Directors

Resolution 5-2013 Resolution Amending Personnel Policy Manual

Resolution 6-2013 Connection to Waste Water System

Resolution 7-2013 Establishing Signatures on a Bank Account

Resolution 8-2013 Certifying AOS Fees to County Treasurer

Resolution 9-2013 Resolution To Adopt Budget

Resolution 10-2013 Resolution To Appropriate Sums of Money

Resolution 11-2013 Resolution Amending Certain Rates and Fees

Resolution 12-2013 Resolution to Set Mill Levies